Maya was in her final year of college when tragedy struck. Both of her parents were killed in an accident, leaving her as the sole guardian of her much younger siblings. Determined to support her family, Maya left her hometown and traveled to Cebu in search of work. She found a job as a waitress but was coerced into the sex trade by unscrupulous individuals who preyed on her vulnerability and desperation.

Life in the sex trade was a nightmare. Maya was trapped, unable to escape the clutches of those who exploited her. One evening, a former sex trafficker named Jav entered the bar where Maya worked. He had turned his life around and was now devoted to helping those in situations like the one he had once perpetuated. Recognizing the pain and fear in Maya’s eyes, he approached her and offered a lifeline. He connected her with Reach PH, an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking.

With the help of Reach PH, Maya was finally able to leave the horrors of the sex trade behind. The organization not only provided her with the means to return home but also supported her in resuming her studies. They assisted her in caring for her siblings, ensuring that they were well-provided for while she focused on her education. Maya’s resolve to succeed grew stronger with each passing day, fueled by the knowledge that she was no longer alone in her struggle.

After graduating with honors, Maya was approached by the Philippine National Police. They offered her a position in the sex crimes division, recognizing her unique perspective and personal experience as invaluable assets in the fight against human trafficking. It was a chance for Maya to turn her past trauma into a force for good, to save young girls from the horrors she had endured.

Maya accepted the offer, driven by a fierce determination to make a difference. She underwent rigorous training, immersing herself in the intricacies of law enforcement and the complexities of human trafficking. Her personal journey gave her an edge, allowing her to connect with victims on a deeply empathetic level. She understood their pain, their fear, and their longing for freedom, and this understanding fueled her relentless pursuit of justice.

In her new role, Maya works tirelessly to dismantle trafficking networks and rescue victims. She collaborates with various organizations, including Reach PH, to provide comprehensive support for those rescued girls. Each rescue operation, each girl freed from captivity, is a testament to Maya’s resilience and dedication. She has come full circle, transforming from a victim into the hands and feet of freedom, and in doing so, she has found healing and purpose in the very work that once seemed impossible.

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